- How can I contact you?

Email us at firstclassqualitygb@yahoo.com or use our contact form on the contact us page.

- How do I start a return?

Navigate to our contact us page, enter your name, email and date of order and please tell us why you are returning your purchase, we will get back to you in a matter of hours.

- What does my warranty cover?

Your warranty covers you for anything that's goes wrong with the phone that wasn't your fault, even though its rare we want to give you peace of mind when buying from us! Warranty lasts 60 days from the day of delivery.

- Can you send outside the UK?

At this point we only ship within the UK.

- How can I pay?

You can use PayPal or a credit and debit card.

Are your phones refurbished?

Most of our phones are all original but in some instances there will be stock with a renewed battery and screen if deemed necessary to provide a quality product to our customers. Everything replaced is of the highest quality and we don't deal with refurbished phones that have had all internal components repaired or replaced.


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